Admetaa. Brown Curvy Waist Trainer with Buckle

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Brocade and faux leather underbust waist trainer with clasp front and buckles.

This corset comes in sizes 18-50(22 inches up to 55 inch waist)

20 Spiral Steel Bone, 4 Flat Steel Bone
Front Length is 11.75 inches (29.845 cm)
Underbust to bottom length is 10.0 inches (25.4 cm)
Side Length is 11.5 inches (29.21 cm)
Back Length is 11.5 inches (29.21 cm)
Bone: 20 Spiral Steel Bones
Bone: 4 Flat Steel Bones at back
Bone: 2 Flat Steel Bones under the clasp
Front Opening: Metal Clasp
Lacing: It has 6.5 - 7.0 meters long lace for tight lacing the corset
Grommets in the back 12 x 2 = 24 total
Panels: It is made up of 12 panels, 6 on each half
Modesty panel 6 inches wide
Fabric Layer-1: 100% Polyester Brocade & Faux Leather
Fabric Layer-2: Lining 100% Cotton
Waist Tape: 1 inch wide satin waist tape for perfect grip & hold
Suspender Loops: 6 Suspender loops at the bottom
Bone Casing: All bones are placed under cotton bone casing