Alaina. Red Long underbust corset with breast straps


This corset goes up to a size 48 (53 inch natural waist)
This is an underbust with a twist breast straps and a lace up back from bottom to neck

Buckle Closure at breast, clasp closure on the front
Potential Waist Reduction 4-5"
Shoulder to bottom length-23.5 inches
Underbust to bottom length-11.5 inches
Back length-23 inches
Side Length-12 inches
Shoulder half 8 inches
Bust straps are 3 inches wide
Across back half-6 inches
Shoulders to underbust-12 inches
Centre front length is 13.5 inches
Bones- 6 flat steel bones
Bones- 8 spiral steel bones

Lining:100% Cotton twill
Fabric Description: Heavy Poly Brocade.
Metal Clasps on the front
Lacing -8 meters
12 panels
Modesty panel is 6 inches
Lining:100% Cotton twill
6 Suspender Loops