Black Floral Long Hourglass Underbust

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Our Black Floral Long Hourglass Corset pairs one of our most popular fashion fabrics with our hourglass silhouette long cut style.

This corset will fit from size 18 - 42 (waist size 22 inch to 54 inch)

Constructed with 20 flexible spiral steel stays for added comfort and better form

6 spring steel stays supporting the grommets and busk

½ inch wide flexible steel busk front closure

Matching front modesty placket under the busk

3 layers of fabric:

2 inner layers constructed from high quality cotton twill

Outer layer of fabric constructed from poly-fiber

Middle layer laminated to outer layer of fabric for added strength and a smooth finish

Waist tape for added support at the waist line

6 garter loops (garter straps sold separately)

Laced with black laces
Corset Measurements:
Center front: 13" with a 12" busk

Side length: 11" - 11.5" at slit

Center back: 13.5"

Under bust to lap: 11.25" - 11.5"
Designed for comfortable, extreme curves this corset features functional laces at the hips to further adjust the fit to your individual curves and is especially well suited to wearers with long torso's, "pear" shapes, natural hourglass figures, or those looking to eliminate muffin top. This corset's subtle black on black floral fabric is an elegant addition to any Gothic, Renaissance, or cosplay look.

Corset Springs:
Rib Spring: 6.5" (measured 6" up from the bottom edge of the waist tape)

Hip Spring: 12" + (measured 5" down from the bottom edge of the waist tape)

This Cut Is Ideal:
If you are plus-size or have a long torso. The extended length of the corset looks great as it slightly covers the hips and provides extra abdominal coverage. This corset is very comfortable for people who have prominent hips as the expandable hip ties will allow for more space.

This Cut Should Be Avoided:
If you have a torso 10" or less in height this corset may be longer than is comfortable for your body type.