Emerald Green Corset

timeless hourglass
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Asian brocade fabric's green and gold tones make for a stunning cosplay corset and add a touch of opulence to any ensemble.

This corset will fit from size 18 - 42 (waist size 22 inch to 54 inch)

6 spring steel stays

  • 20 flexible spiral steel stays

  • Front modesty placket

  • 1/2” wide flexible steel busk

  • Fabric has three layers:

    2 inner layers: Cotton twill

    Outer layer: poly-silk satin

    Middle layer laminated to cotton layer of fabric providing strength and a smooth finish

  • Laced with green ribbon

  • 6 garter loops

    • Dimensions in Inches:
      Center front: 11.75" with 10" busk
      Side length: 9.5"-9.75"
      Center back: 12.75"
      Underbust to lap: 10.25"-10.5"

      Our Emerald Hourglass Corset comes in our curvy hourglass silhouette to hug your curves and pull your waist in even further, creating a stunningly curvaceous figure. Corset Springs Rib Spring: 6.5" (measured 5" up from the bottom edge of waist tape) Hip Spring: 10" (measured 4" down from the bottom edge of waist tape) Corset Measurements Center front: 11.75" with a 10" busk Side length: 9.5" - 9.75" Center back: 12.75" Under bust to lap: 10.25" - 10.5" Choose This Cut: You are an "apple" or "ruler" shape, with a fairly balanced ribcage and hip. Men can wear this style with ease as well, sometimes upside-down if it's more comfortable. People with average-to-longer torso lengths should fit this cut. Avoid This Cut: You have a torso shorter than 9" in height. If you have a dramatic "pear" shape or your hip measurement (iliac crest) is 10+ inches larger than your natural waist, you may be more comfortable in the long cut under bust instead.