What is a corset?

A corset is a garment that fits and flatters your body to give you a tiny waist. It is designed to slim your waist, support the breast and create great ensembles when coupled with other garments. Made from multiple layers of fabric and authentic steel bone construction, it helps "create" the perfect figure. A corset is also bestowed with laces that can be tightened or loosened as per your comfort. These laces look delicate and feminine, they are held in place by sturdy hardware. In a modern corset, the laces are usually strung through metal grommets for strength.
Multi-functional in nature they not only make women look sexy they solve a lot of body related problems also. It uses a certain amount of compression to flatten your tummy and create an hourglass silhouette. An authentic steel-boned corset will shape your body, fit cosily at the ribs and hips and lovingly compresses only your waist, ensuring  fairly easy breathing.

How is a corset manufactured?

A corset is a mix of four key features - body, boning, busks and lacing.
Only the finest materials and finishes like brocade, satin, lace and silk are used for the body. Satin, cotton, rayon, polyester, silk, PVC and leather are popular as well. Boning are the metal stays that divide the sections of the corset vertically: giving the corset its shape. For boning and busks we prefer to use steel. Steel busks are stitched multiple times to ensure they stay in place. Laces are important component of the corsets as tightening or loosening of the laces changes the fit and firmness of the corsets.Corsets can have laces running from top to bottom or down to up or both directions.

How to wear a corset?
Take your corset and loosen the laces first so that you can wear it easily. Don't make the laces too loose as they have a tendency to tangle. Wrap the corset around your body and fit it properly. Now close the busk and ensure that the corset isn't hurting you. If it is shift it around a bit.
In front of the mirror stand sideways and capture the first set of lacing in your fingers. Pull it and evenly tighten as per your comfort level. Don't leave it until you move to the next set of laces and work your way down to your waist using this technique.

What are the three different types of corsets?
-An overbust corset is a sexy way to up your glamour quotient. Our true classic overbust corsets are designed to flatter a variety of body shapes and cup sizes as they accentuate your curves and covers what you’re not happy with. A wardrobe must-have!
-The underbust corset is an uber-glamorous fashion accessory to have. It spreads from under the bust and covers the waist area and sits on the hips to project a perfect hourglass shape. Women who are not curvy swear by corsets as it transforms a boyish shaped body into a dramatically curvaceous womanly body!
-Waist training corsets are used to reduce the waist line by a whopping 5-7 inches when used regularly for 4-5 hours a day for a few months. Before beginning waist training or a tight-lacing program, please consult a corseting expert and/or your doctor.

Do our corsets have different varieties?

Oh Yes

Lace corsets - Lace corsets will always remain in demand because of the romantic and sensual mood which they infuse in the wardrobe. With beautiful lace shimmering on the satin body, these corsets make the wearer look demure and sexy. The light boning in a lace corset creates an hourglass figure and the delicately crafted neckline emphasizes the cleavage. These corsets are perfect for inner-wear as well as sensual outer wear.

Reversible Corsets -True to its name, these corsets are fully reversible. Both sides of the corset can be worn with equal comfort and style. In this kind of corset you actually get two corsets for the price of one! Most reversible corsets at Breathless Corsets are spiral steel boned for maximum waist reduction. When you lace up yourself you can see a perfectly trimmed waist! Every reversible corset has a modesty panel that can be inserted behind the lacing in case you don't want your back to show. For the reversible corsets we recommend that zips be used instead of busk closures which can be uncomfortable when the corset is reversed.

Gothic corsets - Corsets are considered to be one of the most essential pieces of clothing in a Gothic wardrobe. Gothic style corsets have Victorian influences and this has made black lace, choker neck pieces and embellishments trademarks in this style. The Gothic corsets can be coupled with all kind of outfits, starting from jeans, to skirts to dresses. These corsets give you a curvy silhouette that you have always desired! Put on the right eye make-up and accessories to get the perfect Gothic look!

Black corsets - A black corset is an epitome of femininity, elegance and simple style. The best part about a black corset is that it can be worn any time and anywhere. It can be used as lingerie, for formal occasions or for an evening out with your pals at a lounge! It can also be worn in the day without making the wearer looked over-dressed. For night outings the black corset gives a classy and glamorous look and also highlights your complexion. If you want to be the centre of all attention at a party, black corsets are a perfect pick.

How to buy corsets?

Check out the boning - Plastic boning is the cheapest but we usually recommend steel boning. It makes the corset more flexible and adapts your body shape. This type of boning provides a lot more support than plastic boning and is usually much more comfortable. Steel boned corsets are priced at a premium as compared to plastic boning. But if you plan to wear the corset regularly over a period of time and intend it to be style statement then steel boning is worth the additional cost. It is more comfortable and classy.

Which is why Breathless Corsets only sells AUTHENTIC steel boned corsets.

Overbust vs Underbust -

The decision of whether you want an underbust corset or an overbust corset depends on your need. Overbust as the name suggest covers the breast and gives you an overall hourglass figure. Whereas the underbust stops below the breast and accentuates the waist and gives breast support.

Fabrics used in a corset.

There will satin, brocade, PVC and lace amongst others. The decision on the fabric depends on how you want to wear your corset. Satin and brocade corsets are dressy with embellishments and are good as outer wear for evening outs.

Find the RIGHT size of corset. Steel boned corsets reduce your waist size by 4-5 inches, but some waist training corsets are designed to reduce it further, to around 6-7 inches smaller than the natural size of your waist. If you aren't sure how the sizes work for a particular company or what size you should go for, ask. Lucy is  available to help you find the perfect fit.

"Unlaced waist" is your natural waist measurement. To get the correct corset size take four to five inches off your natural waist size to order the corset to fit you. It is better to go DOWN a size, rather than up a size. If you order smaller, the lacing will accommodate the extra inch or so

If you have a 44 inch natural waist, you should order a size 40.

If you have a 42 inch natural waist, you should order a size 38.

If you have a 40 inch natural waist, you should order a size 36.

If you have a 38 inch natural waist, you should order a size 34.

If you have a 36 inch natural waist, you should order a size 32.

If you have a 34 inch natural waist, you should order a size 30.

If you have a 32 inch natural waist, you should order a size 28.

If you have a 30 inch natural waist, you should order a size 26.

If you have a 28 inch natural waist, you should order a size 24.

If you have a 26 inch natural waist, you should order a size 22.

If you have a 24 inch natural waist, you should order a size 20.

If you have a 22 inch natural waist, you should order a size 18.

With the 8 meter lacing at the back, you can adjust the fit to accommodate smaller/larger hips and bust.

IF you are between sizes for example a 35" waist, go DOWN to the next size(ie a size 30) not UP. The modesty panel will give you quite a bit of wriggle room for your breast and hips, whereas a larger waist size will NOT fit at the waist and that is where you will have a problem.

What are different ways a corset can be worn

Having metamorphosed from inner wear to a glamorous outer wear, the corset in its current element can be worn with skirts, full-bodied gowns, trousers or formal outfits. This creates not only a glamorous look but also gives the desired hourglass figure to the wearer. The contemporary corset is not lingerie any more. It is the perfect potion to create glamorous ensembles for an upscale luncheon or an evening out at a lounge bar.
Wearing them under a shirt or a jacket for official meetings is becoming a rage internationally. The other trend which has seen a sudden surge is the demand for wedding corsets.

What is a modesty panel?
A modesty panel is an additional piece of matching garment that is stitched into the corset. It can used to cover up your skin if you are not comfortable showing it. Using a modesty panel will create a more traditional conservative look. A modesty panel also prevents bunching at the back.
Does a corset need special attention?
Absolutely yes! Take good care of corset by wiping the insides with a soft towel post wearing to absorb the sweat. If you are wearing a corset without a tee-shirt inside, wearing a tube-top inside will also protect it from sweat, moisturisers and oils. Read the garment handling instructions carefully, most of them recommend dry-cleaning only. Do not hand-wash satin ever and machine-washing a corset is a big no-no as it would damage the boning and the material.


Due to issues out of our control, Corsets may take from to three to six weeks to arrive at your destination. While we keep a large stock of corsets,  we do not stock every size or colour. We do however work with each customer closely to ensure satisfaction and happiness. If you require a corset for a certain date, please email us before ordering to ensure you are not disappointed.  breathlesscorsets@gmail.com

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE measure your waist carefully, as returns for size issues are subject to a 25% restocking charge, and extra shipping costs to resend the correct size.