All the size charts for every type of corset we sell at Breathless 

ALL of the newer corsets go up to a size 50 (55 inch natural waist measurement)

ALL of our corsets go up to a size 40 (44 inches natural waist measurement)

We use your actual waist measurement, as the sizing guide .

Your bust measurement is the measurement of your full bust not bra size or cup size.

Please check the pics below for measuring guide.


I am constantly looking to add to the number of plus size corsets  from a number of companies,

so please keep a look out for new stock monthly.
Please.....Measure your waist carefully.

"Unlaced waist" is your natural waist measurement.
Then remove 4-5 inches from that measurement for the corset size* *


If you have a 44 inch natural waist, you should order a size 40.

If you have a 36 inch natural waist, you should order a size 32.

If you have a 28 inch natural waist, you should order a size 24.

If you have a 22 inch natural waist, you should order a size 18.

All the corsets will lace closed at the waist size. IE a size 30 will lace closed at 30 inches waist.

If  you are in any doubt, go a size down, not up to a larger size. Fitting a larger size is practically impossible without major repairs sadly (we don't do them)

IF you are between sizes for example a 35 inch waist, go DOWN to the next size (ie a size 30)  not UP a size. The modesty panel will give you quite a bit of wriggle room, whereas a larger waist size will NOT.

Also, with the 8 meter lacing at the back, you can adjust the fit to accommodate smaller/larger hips and bust. 

Yes the rest of you is important too, but your waist measurement is the most important figure for sizing of your corset as they are designed to be laced closed  at  the size specified ie:  A size 32 will lace closed at 32 inches.

Also, your torso length will help you to get a better fit. The corsets have the length in the details. Bones that are too long for your body will dig in most uncomfortably, in the thighs, and underarms.


PLEASE PLEASE measure your waist carefully, as returns for size issues are subject to a 25% restocking charge, and extra shipping costs to resend the correct size.

Please see the chart below for accurate measuring for the corsets on this site. If you have ANY questions, please email


How and where to measure for our corsets

Where to measure for your sizes.


Most of our corsets will now fit up to a size 55 inch waist (size 50)




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Daisy Corsets and Costumes.

 All Daisy Corset Sizes


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Corsets may take from to three to six weeks to arrive at our destination. While I keep a large stock of corsets , I do not stock every size or colour and most of the corsets are made to order. We do however work with each customer closely to ensure satisfaction and happiness. If you require a corset for a certain date, please email us before ordering to ensure you are not disappointed.