About Breathless Corsets 

Breathless Corsets is a female owned and run company. Lucy is a big girl, and always has been, and  I have been constantly fed up of not being able to find decently made, inexpensive corsets and lingerie  that our slender sisters could get off the rack. After extensive searching, I found a  manufacturer that fit the bill perfectly in fact so perfectly, that I couldn't wait to try these corsets to see if they stood up to scrutiny.

They do, the next best thing to a Hand Made, Custom Couture Corset.. Buying a custom made corset is wonderful, but often beyond the price many of us can afford, Our Corsets are for those who still love the look and feel of being tightly waisted without breaking the bank..

When I came across these particular corsets, I was blown away at the quality materials, heavy brocade and satin materials, fitted out with STEEL boning (not the cheap, and basically useless plastic boning that so many "corsets" have that are on the fashion market today) .  The construction is sturdy, well made, fused and double sewn in all the right places. 

IF you have any problem with entering your credit card details, PLEASE let us know by emailing us at breathlesscorsets@gmail.com

All payments are done through a secure CC processing company and they need to know if problems are being had by any customers.

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