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All our corsets are authentic real steel boned with both spiral and flat bones. Off the rack and plus sized corsets. All our corsets go from a 22 inch natural waist up to a size 44 - 45 inch natural waist.


NEW update for November of 2014

Over a 150 new corsets listed at the top on the left index.

More changes are coming but I wanted everyone to see the new corsets. Including helpful tips, links to corseting resources, pictures of our corsets on our lovely customers and more

A huge thank you to our friends Anna and Kevin at AKA photography for the delicious pics of some of our corsets as worn by the lovely model Anna.

Corsets may take from to three to six weeks to arrive at your destination. While we keep a large stock of corsets at both locations, we do not stock every size or colour. We do however work with each customer closely to ensure satisfaction and happiness. If you require a corset for a certain date, please email us before ordering to ensure you are not disappointed. info@breathlesscorsets.com

If you are looking for a particular item please include the number that is above the price for easier clarification. (Usually starting with a cd- or cdw or gc-) 

These are corsets that you have to see to believe. the corsets have spiral and flat real STEEL bones, not plastic, for the added rigidity you just cant feel with plastic boning, and adding to the overall snugness around your body.

Breathless Corsets ONLY sells corsets with steel boning

We deal directly with the manufacturer and are not merely an reseller. Because of this we can offer some custom sizing for the larger wearer.

We also offer waist training corsets for those looking for tight lacing. These are marked as such and are different to our regular corsets in that they have 24 bones.Waist training corsets should be ordered 6-7 inches smaller than natural waist size.

The steel boned corsets will pull your waist in by 4-5" and will push and lift your cleavage if desired. These garments are fully adjustable at the back so you can tension according to comfort or control.

These authentic corsets have a steel busk, or a hardy metal zip, or now we have more with metal clasps  and two or more layers of fabric for strength.

Our corsets have two types of bone, Flat and Spiral steel bones.

Waist training & Reversible corset have 20 Spiral bones around the corset & 4 Flat bones  at the back for rigid support for lacing. These are made with extra fused cotton lining, 5 layers of fabric are used. 

Some Steel boned corsets have 12 flat steel bones for ultimate control, all around the corset. Others just use flat steel bones for the lacing. All the corsets have a list showing what kind of bones are used.

The corsets are also 100% cotton fused lining for comfort and have a  modesty panel to allow you to cover your back or wear the corset open.

These are NOT lingerie store corsets. They will last you for years and keep you in the shape  you require. They are the closest thing to hand made corsets you can buy at half (and more) the cost.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE measure your waist carefully, as returns for size issues are subject to a 20% restocking charge, and extra shipping costs to resend the correct size.

Please feel free to contact info@breathlesscorsets.com  if you have ANY questions. If you are looking for a particular item please include the number that is above the price for easier clarification. (Usually starting with a cd- or cdw or gc-) 

Please also note that expedited shipping is only available to Canada.

USPS will be used for USA bound corsets,

Air mail  will be used to post your corset to the UK and Europe/Australia/SA/LA and all others, UNLESS requested otherwise. This is to keep shipping costs as low as possible. If you require tracking and insurance for an international parcel please let us know, their is an extra cost for YOUR security.

Once it leaves our hands via basic international shipping, we only have proof of shipping, not of delivery. We do recommend using  the insured and traceable method, it IS more expensive but, it does guarantee no loss. Please get in touch with lucy@breathlesscorsets.com for more information.

Shipping costs are subject to change but will only be changed in accordance with regular shipping companies policies.

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